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You want your organization to improve. You know technology is an important piece of the puzzle, but you you don't have the time or capability in-house. I can help you identify, plan, and deliver technology improvements.

Following are categories of service that I provide.


Tell me about your organization. Describe your future vision. Let's discuss the gap between where you are today and where you want to be.

I can help you develop a strategic roadmap for IT that is aligned with your business objectives.

Let's imagine where you could be.


Aging systems and manual processes are no longer good enough. Desktop applications and data silos impede your staff and frustrate clients.

I can help you upgrade systems such as Microsoft® Windows, Office, Exchange and SAGE Simply Accounting to their new Cloud releases which speed up operations and eliminate risky, in-house computers.


Technology continues to change rapidly. But you don't have the time or capabilities to adapt.

Technology innovators - like Google, Salesforce, Shopify eCommerce and Hootsuite social media - can enable you to lead your industry.

Use technology to facilitate collaboration between your staff, clients & vendors, and to accelerate business.


Your customers, your people and your product or service are most important. How can IT be relied upon while you're leading your organization?

I can provide you with the perspective you need to help you make IT more dependable and cost-effective.

"Simply put, John is one of the best consultants - in technical capabilities, communication skills and strategic planning - that I've ever worked with, and I've worked with a lot of consultants."

Andrew Parent, Strategy Branch, Shared Services Canada

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