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You want to improve your organization. You know that technology is important, but you don't have the time or expertise to spare.

I can help you identify, plan, and deliver improvements through technology.

Your project may be about expanding your business. Or increasing efficiency. Or saving costs. Or reducing risks.

Find out the types of projects I have completed to help other clients like you reach their goals.

Whether you are big or small, international or local, established or brand new, in any industry, I've probably worked for a client like you. These are some of them.

I understand your 
organization and your challenges.

You are looking for someone you can trust, an objective perspective, and the knowledge you need to help you make smart decisions.

Find out why my experience may be the right fit for you.



I am an Information Technology ("IT") consultant with over 25 years experience now working directly with inspiring small- and medium-sized organizations to identify, plan and deliver IT solutions to help them improve.

I have gained unparalleled perspective on leading edge IT service delivery through working with a wide range of organizations locally, nationally, and abroad. Projects I've completed include helping clients develop IT strategy to match business goals, leveraging emerging technologies to increase productivity and innovation, planning results-based transformation, and managing implementations while minimizing risk and impact on staff and clients.

"Simply put, John is one of the best consultants - in technical capabilities, communication skills and strategic planning - that I've ever worked with. And I've worked with a LOT of consultants."

Andrew Parent, Strategy Branch, Shared Services Canada



John Kirkwood Technology Consulting

(9183418 Canada Corporation)

Ottawa, Ontario

Tel: 613 600-3668

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