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I offer the benefit of an extremely broad background - professional, academic, geographic, and personal. I have worked with people from all walks of life, with all kinds of perspectives, and all varieties of organization (see Clients). For details on my credentials, see my LinkedIn page.

I do not sell any products, and I do not have any kickback deals with vendors, so you can trust I will act in your best interests.

Following is some of my experience:

Photo of John smiling in an aprocot-colored shirt and navy jacket


​Prior to starting my own consulting company:

  • 13 years at PwC:

    • 7 years as Director, Technology Consulting

    • 6 years leading the Desktop and Mobility architecture team

  • 5 years at Ventra, a multi-national automotive parts manufacturer, as Director of IT

  • 5 years at CAN©OPY & VIS*ART, two national nonprofit arts organizations, as IT Administrator & Licensing Officer

  • Eons ago, I was a sugarbush worker, house painter, courier driver, waiter, forest ecology field asst. There's no industry I can't help you with.

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