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I've started developing mobile apps!

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

Recently I got the chance to exercise my visual design chops again and I'm very excited! I'm on the Board of OREC, the Ottawa Renewable Energy Cooperative, a community collective where members invest to build solar and wind projects in and around Ottawa and southern Ontario.

Person using mobile phone in café
Use your data anywhere can be easy and productive!

As a member investor, I wanted information about OREC's solar and wind projects to be more accessible, and easier to understand. I also wanted to help OREC wean itself from difficult paper registration forms. So I started developing an app that could do this.

The result is the My OREC app. I used Glide to quickly prototype a few pages that open OREC's data in helpful, visually stunning ways. I'm really happy with the results.

Glide handles the security authentication simply and elegantly. Also, Glide handles the data access and updating securely. We can control who sees what by limiting certain data and pages only to select, email-authenticated users. The functionality is broad and I think the pages look great - I love applying my visual arts training towards making clean and intuitive design.

A quad of four page screenshots from the mobile app I developed for OREC: Projects, Map, GHG avoidance, and step 2 of the online membership application.
Sample pages of My OREC mobile app

Some great features I've added specific for authenticated members:

  • A dynamic news feed with advocacy action buttons

  • An easy pick-write-send form to email your local MPP about issues you care about

If you have information in your organization that you want to use better or that could help your staff and clients more, let's talk (or call 613 600-3668), I'd love to help you with mobile apps!

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