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Now helping to make Sausalito, CA beautiful!

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

I've had a number of recent clients contact me about helping them implement Bloomerang, a fundraising and donor management system for nonprofits. I've helped a number of their customers and now Bloomerang is recommending me when new customers need assistance!

Photo of Sausalito waterfront on a sunny day

I'm helping Sausalito Beautiful update their website with both Bloomerang and Fundraise Up, a donation processor / optimizer. I'm also updating their volunteering and newsletter pages. I'm amazed at how much can be accomplished for clients remotely using only videoconferencing for short, quick collaboration!

Photo of 6 people planting a tree on a sunny day

It turns out it's actually quite simple to work with US clients as I usually work remotely anyway. And since I promote Cloud solutions, there's no hardware to implement, and all a client needs is a fast internet connection for staff and other collaborators — wherever they may be!

Clients pay my nonprofit CA$ rates automatically in US$ through my freshbooks accounting software using Stripe Climate (which contributes a portion of my revenue to help scale carbon cutting technologies).

And although technically HST is required, CRA indicates services conducted in Canada for clients in the US are "zero rated". So altogether, it's not much more complicated than working for someone in Toronto!

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