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OREC releases 'My OREC', your new app for responsible investing

I'm really excited about my work with the Ottawa Renewable Energy Cooperative (OREC). OREC offers concerned citizens an easy way to contribute to building community-scale renewable energy while simultaneously saving for their retirement.

This summer could be the coolest of the rest of your life.

— Ominous 2023 expression

Making a difference in the battle against global warming is a challenge for individual citizens - how?? OREC gives people a simple way to directly help the renewable energy revolution that is so urgently needed.

The app I developed for OREC gives their members lots of information about the projects OREC has built, the investment opportunities open to members, and even provides them with an easy way to advocate to their local politicians for more progressive anti-fossil fuel policies.

The app works in any browser and also installs as a mobile app. There are useful features for nonmembers too!

If you putting your data into the right hands (securely, of course) could make a difference, I’d love to work with you! Let's see what's possible.

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